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Management of canine allergic dermatitis (Proceedings)


I. What owners need to understand
a. There is no magic injection, pill or salve that is going to cure allergies. They must be managed.
b. Proper management is extremely time consuming
c. Four categories of allergy
i. Food allergy
ii. Atopy
iii. Contact allergy
iv. Insect allergy
a. Allergies are not mutually exclusive
b. Need to exclude and control all secondary causes of pruritus while investigating allergies
i. Yeast dermatitis
ii. Bacterial pyoderma
iii. Scabies
a. Every dog has individual itch threshold
b. Pruritus is additive
c. Controlling one allergy may make others clinically insignificant.
d. Therapeutic goal is to get the pruritus below the dog's itch threshold.
e. First investigate those allergies that cause severe pruritus but are more easily and quickly controlled.
i. Insect (4-8 weeks)
ii. Food (4-16 weeks)
iii. Contact (4-8 weeks)

II. Insect Allergies
a. Must institute strict insect control
b. Fleas
i. Does the pet have fleas?
ii. What do they use for flea control, how often and how do they do it?
iii. Does the pet leave the home environment
iv. Other possible exposure to fleas
c. Flea control
i. On pet
1. Fipronil spray or imidacloprid
a. Use q 7 to 30 days
b. Limit swimming and bathing
ii. Must treat all pets in the house
iii. Environmental control
1. Required
2. Indoors
a. Adulticide
i. Permethrins
ii. Borates
b. Ovicide/ larvicide
i. Borates
ii. Methoprene (Precor®)
iii. Pyriproxifen (Nylar ®)
3. Outdoors
a. Clean up the environment
b. Adulticide
c. Ovicides /Larvicides
i. Pyriproxifen (not degraded by sunlight)
ii. Steinernema carpocapsae (flea nematode)
d. Mosquitoes and Culicoides
i. Access to screen porch
ii. Proximity to water
e. Mosquito / Culicoides Control
i. Most new flea products are not effective as repellents
ii. On pet
1. Permethrins
a. 0.1-0.2% - various products, apply daily
b. Knockout Spray®
iii. 2% permethrin
iv. Dogs only!!!!
v. Use 1-2 times weekly
c. Advantix®
vi. Use every 1-2 weeks if bathing weekly
2. Skin so soft
iii. Environmental control
1. Keep indoors at dawn and dusk
2. Use fine mesh screen ("no-see-um" proof screen)
3. Use propane driven mosquito repellers
iv. Symptomatic treatment
1. Have steroids available


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