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Yes! I want the free Canine Cushing's e-book...

The diagnosis and management of canine hyperadrenocorticism, or Cushing's syndrome, can be a challenge. Learn how to recognize and provide treatment for these dogs with this free e-book, sponsored by Dechra Veterinary Products: "Canine Cushing's Case Files: The Ins and Outs of Detection and Treatment."

This e-book features valuable clinical and practice management information including:

  • Eight clinical cases describing the attending veterinarian's diagnostic process, treatment protocol, and personal perspective
  • A veterinary dermatologist's insight into why practitioners should consider hyperadrenocorticism in dogs with recurring pyoderma
  • Answers to the top five questions that veterinarians ask the Dechra Veterinary Products Technical Services Team about canine hyperadrenocorticism
  • The veterinary practice team's role in educating and communicating with clients about identifying, treating, and monitoring dogs with hyperadrenocorticism
  • The economics and financial impact of managing Cushing's patients on your practice's bottom line
  • Ways to avoid common practitioner pitfalls when providing long-term healthcare for a patient with a chronic disease
  • Supplemental resources on canine Cushing's syndrome and VETORYL® Capsules (trilostane) from Dechra Veterinary Products

This e-book will provide you with the information and tools you need to master the ins and outs of canine Cushing's syndrome.

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