Basic approach to evaluating solid tissue tumor cytology (Proceedings)


Basic approach to evaluating solid tissue tumor cytology (Proceedings)

Aug 01, 2011

Lump or bump

An epidermal, dermal, or subcutaneous mass lesion that is easily accessible to aspiration cytology

Goal of aspiration cytology

• To direct next step of therapy or diagnostics (at the minimum)
• To definitively diagnose the cause of the lesion
• To advise owners of most probable process

What makes it a lump?

• Expansion of tissue
• Tissue fluid
• Infiltration cells
• Overgrowth of resident cells

Overall question

• What is the process that is causing this expansion?
• Subquestions:
     o What is the treatment?
     o What is the prognosis?

Obtaining the sample

• Fine needle biopsy (aspirates)
     o Preferred method for masses
• Impression smear
• Scraping
• Swab


• Romanowsky stains
     o Metachromatic reaction
• Romanowsky-like stains (Diff-Quik)
     o Mast cells may not stain

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