Being an essential employee (Proceedings)


Being an essential employee (Proceedings)

Aug 01, 2010

Fears about job security have crept into the workforce at large, but they don't need to sneak into veterinary practice. By taking initiative to be an A-plus team member, you'll solidify your place at the top of your boss's must-have list. This presentation will help you become an employee of choice in your hospital, regardless of your position!

1. Questions for you to ask yourself to know if you are essential:
     • Do you have a positive impact on the company?
     • Are you a "go-to" person at your hospital?
     • Are you bragged about?

2. The basics
     • Familiarity with and understanding of the Employee Manual
     • General standards of conduct
     • Protocol adherence and understanding
     • Attendance and punctuality
     • Professionalism
     • Dress code/Proper attire

3. The expectations
     • Understand your job description
     • Provide results (do your job description well)
     • Understand the hospital's organizational chart
     • Support the mission/vision of the practice
     • Adhere to the core values
     • Be truthful and act with integrity
     • Regularly attend scheduled team and department meetings
     • Clean up after yourself
     • Come to work with a smile and be ready to work
     • Demand the best in patient care – expect it of yourself and your co-workers

4. Above and beyond: Now you are essential!
a) Fundamentals
     • Attention to detail
     • Good organization skills
     • Likes change
     • Loyalty and commitment
     • Flexible with needs of the hospital
     • Adaptable
     • Confident
     • Open communication (good communication skills and ability to handle confrontation)
     • Relationship and interpersonal skills
          o Can work with diversity
          o Can work with multiple generations (4 in workplace today)
     • Exceeds expectations
b) Excellent customer service skills
     • Committed to providing the best to the clients
     • Understands what the hospital needs to do to provide phenomenal customer service and expects this of others
c) Understands the importance of the team and teamwork
     • Does whatever it takes (there is no "it's not my job")
     • Encourages and supports others in the hospital (are you a mentor?)
     • Holds others accountable
     • Strives to learn more and teach more
     • Upholds a standard – they want "10" employees also!
     • Shows respect – every position in the hospital is important
     • You work as a TEAM (no "us" versus "them")
     • Helps boost morale during tough times
     • Supports cooperation! d) Pride in your hospital
     • Is involved in hospital activities
     • Is involved in community activities where you represent the hospital
     • Believes in the hospital and its success
     • Support the culture of the practice (embodies the culture!)
e) Interest in the financial component of the business
     • Understands the financial component to the business (we must charge for our services)
     • Asks for benchmarking/scoreboarding/key performance indicators
     • Ability to discuss money; ability to have tough discussions during emotionally difficult time
     • Understands the need to reach the company's goals and helps facilitate this
f) Lifelong learner
     • Wants to learn more/grow professionally (and personally)/improve themselves
     • Cross-training
     • Willing to take on new responsibilities/challenges
     • Reads veterinary and/or business journals and literature
     • Regularly attends CE
     • Develops and manage oneself (self-motivated)
     • Has a skill that others do not
     • Pursues additional skills/education
     • Always looks for ways to increase their performance
     • Asks for feedback/regular performance evaluations
     • Learns from mistakes
     • Asks questions
     • Desires to grow within the organization
     • Leadership
          o Has solutions (not just problems)
          o Challenges the owners/leaders of the practice in a productive way to learn more and create solutions
          o Motivates others
          o Takes initiative
          o Has drive and commitment
          o Thinks strategically/creative thinking/thinks outside the box
          o Treats the business as if it were their own!
     • Attitude!
          o Half-full sort of person rather than half-empty – positive outlook and attitude ("Pollyanna" vs. "Negative Nancy")
          o Pro-active
          o Wants to have fun at work
          o Has a happy home life/personal life/activities outside of work
          o Wants to make the workplace a better place to be for everyone

5. Specifics that will directly impact your status as an employee of choice in your hospital
     • In-clinic growth opportunities for all positions in the hospital
     • The ability to convey the value of the services your hospital offers
     • Elevating the level of client and patient care at your hospital
     • Retaining and bonding your current clients
     • Attracting new pet owners to your clinic
     • Having a positive attitude
     • Feeling passionate about veterinary medicine and where you work!