Best practices for online advertising success

Best practices for online advertising success

Oct 17, 2008
By staff
Best practices for online advertising success
The starting point to any successful online advertising campaign starts with determining your business goals. Do you want to build brand awareness? Acquire new customers? Sell deeper into your current customer base? Win back former customers? Or obtain online orders? Once you’ve determined your business goals, you can incorporate best practices for online advertising to help you accomplish those goals.

Last week, Melanie Wood, Director of Corporate Training for Advanstar, presented six WebEx presentations of Best Practices for Veterinary Online Advertising Success. If you were unable to attend, click here to download your copy of Melanie’s presentation.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Online branding ads versus online response ads: What creative components work best for each?
  • Landing pages: Why landing pages are a must in response ads? How to create one for your business?
  • Rich Media: What it can do for your message?

If you have additional questions on how your company can achieve online advertising success, contact your Advanstar account manager.