Case challenges in cytology (Proceedings)


Case challenges in cytology (Proceedings)

Nov 01, 2009

Cytology can be used to make the diagnosis or help with the diagnosis in some challenging cases. Here are some we've seen in the last few years where cytologic findings were diagnostic.

1.) Deuce

     • 4 year old neutered male mixed breed dog.

     • Referred for large mass on face

2.) Chewy

     • 12 year old neutered male Labrador cross dog

     • Referred for muffled heart sounds, weak femoral pulses, and distended abdomen

3.) Jack

     • 15 year old neutered male cross-breed dog

     • Presented for vomiting, hyperproteineima, pancytopenia

4.) JJ

     • 12 year old neutered male Shih Tzu

     • Presented for distended abdomen and grade 3/6 systolic heart murmur

5.) Jaka

     • 6 year old neutered male Rhodesian ridgeback cross dog

     • Presented for 2 week history of progressive anorexia, lethargy and intermittent vomiting.

6.) Kitty

     • Seen by referring veterinarian for multiple masses in left hock, right rear and mammary gland

7. ) Aphrodite

     • 12 year old spayed female German Shepherd

     • Referred for recurrent urinary tract infection with different organisms

8.) Bodhi

     • 14 year old neutered male Staffordshire

     • Presented for lethargy, anorexia, found mass in abdomen

9.) Shadow

     • 10 year old neutered male Domestic shorthair

     • Presented for chronic weight loss, lethargy and acute dyspnea, anorexia

10.) Jett

     • 10 year old spayed female German Wire-haired pointer

     • Presented with sudden onset of blindness/glaucoma