Case challenges in hematology (Proceedings)


Case challenges in hematology (Proceedings)

Nov 01, 2009

Hematologic findings can be diagnostic in some cases, or they can contribute to case work-up, evaluation of response to treatment, and prognosis in other cases. Here are some cases where hematologic findings were particularly interesting.

1.) Luna

     • 12 year old spayed female German Shepherd

     • Presented for oral mass on maxillary gingival

2.) Farley

     • 7 year old neutered male bulldog/Doberman cross dog

     • Presented for enlarged lymph nodes, dyspnea and chemosis

3.) Zoe

     • 10 year old spayed female Husky

     • Owner (vet student) noted intermittent exercise intolerance

4.) Wiley

     • 6 year old neutered male Labrador cross dog

     • Referred with history of vomiting and diarrhea

5.) Riley

     • 14 month old male Miniature Pinscher

     • Presented to emergency clinic with collapse, fever, and severe enteritis; seizured at emergency clinic

6.) Bodhi

     • 7 year old spayed female Labrador

     • Presented to referring DVM with exercise intolerance, lethargy, and icterus

6.) Morgan

     • 7 year old spayed female Labrador retriever

     • Presented for acute onset of rear-end pain and collapse

7.) Chinook

     • 12 year old neutered male Australian Shepherd

     • Presented for cardiology work-up