CDC regulations for the importation of animals and animal products (Proceedings)


     • Provide an overview of the CDC Zoonoses Team
     • Explain current CDC animal importation regulations
     • Describe proposed CDC regulatory revisions

Zoonoses team mission

Prevent the introduction of diseases of public health significance from imported live animals and animal products through:
     • Surveillance
     • Inspections
     • Investigatiosn
     • Regulations of animal movement

Reasons for animal importation

     • Incidental and/or accidental
     • Exhibition at zoos
     • Education and research
     • Scientific conservation programs
     • Use as food and other products
     • Tourism and immigration
     • Personal pets
     • Commercial pet trade

CDC regulatory authority for the importation of animals and animal products

     • 42 Code of Federal Regulations 71 – Foreign Quarantine
     • Subpart F – Importations
          o 71.41 – Dogs and cats
          o 71.42 – Turtles, tortoises and terrapins
          o 71.53 – Nonhuman Primates
          o 71.54 Etiologic agents, hosts, and vectors
          o 71.56 – African rodents
     • Subpart D – Health Measures at U.S. Ports: Communicable Diseases
          o 71.32(b) – Persons, carriers, things