Challenges of integration + management of professionals (Proceedings)


Challenges of integration + management of professionals (Proceedings)

Nov 01, 2010

Driving Trends
     • Client wants more for their pets.
     • Pets are part of the "family."
     • Larger Practices.
     • Advanced Medicine.
     • Specialty Medicine.

Power and Influence
     • Which style do you use to persuade others to do what you want?
     • Most popular means in America is Power.
     • Does that work with educated professionals?

"The ability to do, act, or produce."

"The power of persons or things to affect others, seen only in its effects.
Power is stationary.
           o Influence is action.
           o You need power to influence, but power alone does not produce an effect.

3 Factors Determine Influence
Communicator's resources of power.
           o Legitimate power. (title, owner)
           o Resources (money, schedule, patients, personality)

Responder's motive base of influence.
           o Willingness to be influenced. (Desire to be accepted, intrinsic gratification)

Method of Influence used.
           o Most important

Direct and Indirect Influence
     • Intended as clear and direct order, often backed by power.
     • No doubt about the purpose or motive.
     • Delivered aggressively, could be seen as an attack.

     • Difference between this and non-assertive behavior is that it is contrived.
     • Intentional by the leader, but viewed as unintentional be the target person.

Which to Use, Power or Influence?
6 Steps:
     • Decide what outcome of the communication you want.
     • Read the other person in the current situation.
     • Select an influencing method-direct or indirect, power or influence.
     • Implement the technique.
     • Reward yourself.
     • Evaluate the results.

What Do You Want as Outcome?
     • Must answer this question otherwise results are DISASTER!
     • Most people try to influence to ease their own emotional or fiscal discomfort, not to effect change.
     • Focus on outcome, not problem, action not personality.

The Other Person in the Situation
Hard to see the other when you are emotional.
     • What do I want from whom?
     • What resources of power do I have?
     • What motivates the other? What do they want from me?
     • Is there a fit?
     • What do I know about this person that is relative to this influence situation?