Cleaning up the toxins: character assassinations (Proceedings)


Cleaning up the toxins: character assassinations (Proceedings)

Aug 01, 2011

"Anything perceived as real is real in its consequences" Anonymous

A look at communication

     • Effective Communication
     • The Process of Interaction
     • "I" and "You" Messages
     • Constructive Confrontation
     • Feedback

Characteristics of effective communicators

     • Focus on behavior
     • Maintain self-confidence and self-esteem
     • Maintain constructive relationships
     • Take initiative
     • Lead by example

Focus on behavior

     • Do you tend to focus on personalities in your practice?
        Are personalities getting in the way of productive communication?

Self confidence & self esteem

     • This is the worst place to offend.
     • It is the difference between the professional and the average.
     • Could you cite examples of how you do this in your hospital?

Constructive relationships

     • Are you resistant to truthful communication because it always "ends up bad"?
     • Do you view feedback or critiques as a personal attack?
     • How do hidden agendas and "office politics" effect truthful communication in your practice?

Do it now

     • It is passive aggressive to wait.
     • You are being paid to make your place of employment the best it can be. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?