Common diseases of guinea pigs (Proceedings)


Common diseases of guinea pigs (Proceedings)

Aug 01, 2010

Heat Stroke Common

Signs: listlessness, raising of head, shallow rapid breathing

Tx: cool immediately by wrapping in a towel soaked in cool water or spray with cool water. ± cool pedialyte® offered orally; SQ, IO, IP or IV fluids may also be necessary

Respiratory Infections

Very susceptible to upper resp. infections
Symptoms: nasal discharge, sneezing, difficulty breathing
Bordetella bronchiseptica & Strep. Pneumoniae are the most common
Can quickly lead to pneumonia
          SMZ-TMP at 15-30mg/kg PO BID
          Enrofloxicin at 5-10mg/kg PO BID
          Doxycycline 2.5-5mg/kg PO BID


Most common in neonates
Chlamydia most common pathogen
Treat with topical tetracycline (Terramycin®) - Systemic treatment usually not necessary

Normal/Behavioral Dermatologic Conditions

Normal alopecia behind ear and on medial aspect of front inner legs

Sebaceous glands are abundant along the dorsal surface of the guinea pig and around the anal opening. These sebaceous glands are testosterone dependent and the sebaceous secretions can be excessive in the adult male. May see clumping of hair and can lead to dermatitis in this region.

Alopecia in females can be caused by a Telogen deflexion freq. seen last trimester of pregnancy or during lactation. The alopecia is most prominent on lumbosacral area and flanks. Thinning of haircoat is also common at weaning and spontaneously resolves.

Self-induced or by cagemates
          Isolate pig, apply Bitter apple spray, Ignore, Increase hay (fiber)
          Check for a Nutritional deficiency