Don't just meet your clients expectations, exceed them! (Proceedings)


Don't just meet your clients expectations, exceed them! (Proceedings)

Aug 01, 2011

The ritz carlton standard

What makes the Ritz Carlton THE RITZ CARLTON? Why do they consistently provide the gold standard in customer service? Let's find out!

Customer service is the key

     • "What a lovely smell"
     • Ask anyone and they will tell you

Understand the culture of your practice

Every veterinary practice, in fact every business has a culture. If you had to use five words to describe the culture of your practice, what would they be?

Training is essential

Implement a customer service training program
     • All team members should undergo extensive customer service training BEFORE they come in contact with clients.
     • Experience the level of service you want to provide firsthand.
     • a customer service training program

The risks we take in not providing customer service training

     • Customer Service Gone Wrong
          o Automated phone systems
          o Inappropriately placing callers on hold
          o Not having food or medication orders ready
          o Failure to return calls
          o Too busy to properly care for your patients and clients
          o Lack of client bonding

What happens when you exceed your client's expectations?

     • It is almost impossible to do too much for your clients. Excellence is contagious!
     • What are five things that you do in your practice that exceeds your client's expectations?

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