Effect of attitude on healing and client relationships (Proceedings)


Effect of attitude on healing and client relationships (Proceedings)

Oct 01, 2008

In the veterinary profession we are confronted with a number of factors that affect the treatment outcome of our patients. There are a number of parameters that we do not have control over like what treatment choice a pet owner chooses, what is the pet owner's personality type, how compliant is the pet owner in administering care, and will the pet accept the care with ease.

Just like any learned skill, the ability of understanding and being able to control our emotions, adjust our attitude and direct our intent does not come without investment of time and hard work. The ability to control our attitude and what forms our attitude may affect the outcome of the relationship we have with the pet owner, pet, and staff.

In Masaru Emoto's book, The Healing Power of Water, he observed that the crystallization patterns of water change when exposed to positive versus negative words and thoughts.

Eckhart Tolle's books the Power of Now and A New Earth Awakening to Your Life's Purpose is highly recommended read for the veterinary health professional. Tolle shares insight of how living in the moment helps us avoid traps of past experiences tainting our lives. He shares skills on how to understand and get along with challenging people and how holding a grudge with a coworker serves no purpose.

The Spontaneous Healing of Belief, by Gregg Braden, explores that there are more secrets to healing than just the conventional approach. In this book, Braden touches upon how limiting our beliefs lead to disease and how a shift in our beliefs can supersede the laws of biology.

Many books have been written about the law of attraction and the power of intent. A summary of the law of attraction, states that thoughts have energy and that thoughts attract others that are vibrationally like it. Hence one receives the essence of what you are thinking about. This process can attract not only the good but the bad. Michael Losier's book provides a quick way to apply the law of attraction. His book format allows individuals to apply the law of attraction techniques immediately.

It is important for us to build the skills of staying positive at the work place if we look closely at what some of the pioneers of the law of attraction and the power of intent are saying.

High volume and also relationship centered practices can both benefit from applying a concept of positive attitude. In high volume practices where it is not always possible to invest as much time in caring for a patient as a staff member would like there would be great benefit in the methods that require only a mind set and not additional time. In contrast, relationship centered practices will continue to thrive if the concept can be consistently applied.

In summary, the ability to control the parameter of our attitude may affect the recovery and outcome of the relationship we have with the pet owner, pet, and staff.