Employees behaving badly: How to bounce back and respond (Proceedings)


Employees behaving badly: How to bounce back and respond (Proceedings)

Apr 01, 2010

Situation 1: Drug Use

Dr. Jones – Practice Owner
Susan – Practice Manager
Terry – Technician
Amber – Technician

Terry has been the lead technician for your practice for the past 5 years. Amber has been with you less than a year. Terry suspects that Amber has a drug problem. Amber has a history of coming in late; she sometimes seems confused and lacks focus, and has been bitten twice since she started work. The practice does not have a drug free workplace policy nor does it do pre-employment drug testing. Terry has come to the practice manager to voice her concern, she is worried that patient care may be affected and also worried that Amber may "do something stupid". The conversation starts off between Terry and Susan the practice manager.

Situation 2: Embezzlement

Dr. Simmons – Practice Owner
Paul – Practice Manager
Helen – Receptionist

The Simmons Veterinary Hospital is a 2 million hospital with 4 full time veterinarians. Dr. Simmons is the sole owner of the practice. Helen has been with the practice "forever", in fact she was there before Dr. Simmons purchased the practice and knows all the clients and all the clients love her. Recently Paul was hired as the practice manager of the practice and has instituted internal cash controls and an end of day procedure. Since Paul has done that he has had trouble with the end of day balancing. In fact it is short more times than not. He has reviewed the procedures will all the receptionists but has found that the shortages only occur when Helen is working. He has taken his concern to Dr. Simmons, but Dr. Simmons can't imagine that Helen is stealing from him "she is so nice and so good to the clients; she would never steal anything from me." The discussion starts out between Paul and Dr. Simmons with Paul stating his concerns.

Situation 3: Sexual Harassment

Dr. Harris – Practice Owner
Cindy – Practice Manager
Nick – Technician
Paula – Technician

All Creatures Animal Hospital is a large facility with over 70 employees. Both Nick and Paula are veterinary technicians who have been with the practice for over 4 years. Paula has recently come to Cindy with a problem. Paula has noticed that Nick is constantly on the internet when no one is looking or when it is slow and is viewing porn on the internet. In fact this morning Nick called Paula over to the computer and wanted to know "have you ever done that". Paula is very upset and wants to quit, she does not want to confront Nick, because everyone likes him and if she says anything to him, he will make her life miserable. The discussion begins with Paula coming into Cindy's office to tell her of what just happened.