Equine field surgery- Urogenital surgery (Proceedings)


Equine field surgery- Urogenital surgery (Proceedings)

Aug 01, 2010

Urogenital Surgeries - Female

     • Perineal body reconstruction (Episioplasty)
     • Urethroplasty
     • 3o Rectovaginal tear repair
     • Rectovaginal fistula repair

Perineal Body Reconstruction (Episioplasty)

     • Pneumovagina or persistent endometritis following Caslick's procedure
     • No special equipment is required.
     • Sterile saline is used instead of alcohol to remove antiseptic soaps, because alcohol may cause excessive perineum irritation

     • Vulvar retraction
     • Triangular areas of mucosa are removed from the perineal body
     • The resultant exposed submucosa forms a right-angled triangle
     • Closure of the ventral vestibular mucosal margins is performed cranial to caudal
     • Caslick's procedure is performed to appose the vulvar opening

     Expected Outcome
     • Adequate reconstruction alleviates pneumovagina in most cases
     • Occasionally, pneumovagina does not resolve following Caslick's procedure or perineal body reconstruction
     • In these cases, perineal body transection may be warranted

     • Minimal
     • Dehiscence
     • Suture sinus tract development
     • Excessive ventral closure may result in urovagina