Fire poodles and metal siamese: Introduction to Chinese 5 element theory (Proceedings)


Fire poodles and metal siamese: Introduction to Chinese 5 element theory (Proceedings)

Aug 01, 2008

Why study it?
• predict problems by constitutional element
• predict progression by same
• control problems via herbs or acupuncture that address the elements

• Earliest system of Chinese medicine, between 3rd and 4th century BC
• Cycle, not 5 separate elements
• Balance, not either/or

Creation cycle: Fire → earth → metal → water → wood → fire

Each element is associated with a part/organ of the body. A problem with one can lead to a problem with the following element and its associated organ.

Control cycle: Fire → metal → wood → earth → water → fire

Organs associated with one element can control the organ associated with the next in the control cycle

• Fire yin Heart/Pericardium yang small intestine triple heater
• Earth yin Spleen/pancreas yang Stomach
• Metal yin Lung yang Large Intestine
• Water yin Kidney Yang Bladder
• Wood yin Liver yang Gall Bladder

(Treat the heart to control lung problems. CHF but also for asthma can try heart point)


Each element/organ is associated with time of year and time of day

• (fire) Heart and small intestine 11 am to 3 pm
• (water) Kidney and Bladder 3 pm to 7 pm
• (fire) pericardium and triple heater 7 pm to 11 pm
• (wood) Liver and Gall Bladder 11 pm to 3 am
• (metal) Lung Large Intestine 3 am to 7 am
• (earth) Spleen Stomach 7 am to 11 am

How do we use this? e.g., vomiting daily in the morning: Stomach midday small intestine very early am Liver

Can tell us about IBD look at small intestine or Liver vs Stomach (will Pepcid work? Pumpkin? Milk thistle?)

Pure constitutional types (coupled with emotions)

• Fire: Hyper, happy, joyous (toy poodle). May have HT or small intestine probs esp in summer
• Earth: Very obedient, wants to please, sensitive to owner's moods, overweight, couch potato Stomach/Spleen/pancreas probs esp morning and late summer
• Metal: Worries, grief if companion dies, chronic resp prob (Lung) esp very early am or autumn, constipation or megacolon (Large Intestine)
• Water: Fear (hides in closet, under bed), Kidney/Bladder probs esp in winter and late afternoon, big drinker
• Wood: Anger: attacks humans and other dogs, green discharge (eyes, ears, skin), hot skin and ears
• esp very early am (night) and spring Liver/Gall Bladder probs

Use for Prevention, especially in susceptible constitutions: herbs/diet etc to treat their weak spots before signs happen. (Can be difficult in a cat)