Flea bites cause FAD (Sponsored by Lilly)

Flea bites cause FAD (Sponsored by Lilly)

Mar 01, 2008

Flea bite hypersensitivity

How to convince clients their pet has FAD
Despite modern advances in flea control, FAD continues to be the most common skin disease seen in general small animal practice. Practitioners and technicians must diffuse owners' belief that it is impossible for ectoparasites to exist on their pets. You must get the owner to accept the possibility that their dog's pruritus could be caused by hypersensitivity to flea bites (see How to convince clients their pet has FAD).

Diagnostic clues for FAD
Using a "Prove me wrong!" approach—instead of a "Trust me" approach—I offer my clients six weeks of concerted flea control based on my recommendations before starting expensive or time-consuming dermatologic testing.

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