Get noticed


Get noticed

Nov 20, 2008
By staff

Here are 15 tips to help you create effective online ads that will get you noticed:  

  • Include a “call-to-action” to attract a click-through—this is a MUST
  • Have your key message displayed on all frames to ensure that even a viewer who sees your ad for two seconds will receive the message you intended
  • Highlight your offer in every frame and on the landing page
  • Be sure your offer is specific—don’t just offer a “White Paper” instead offer a “White Paper on Incorporating Practice Management Software”
  • Large headlines work better than small headlines
  • Use style to highlight words—seven words is optimum for an online ad
  • Emphasize product benefits instead of features
  • Keep your ad clean, simple, and concise—the simpler the better
  • If you have a complex message, consider using a rollover that expands—it will allow you to display your message in greater detail
  • Create multiple versions of your ad for testing purposes—different colors, sizes, and messages
  • Don’t try and cram all your initiatives into one ad—this will only muddle your message
  • Make sure your offer is displayed on the landing page—your landing page should have the same “look and feel” as your ad
  • Try and capture your lead on the landing page—limit the number of clicks
  •  Use Rich Media—it attracts attention and gives the viewer a brand experience
  •  Keep the file size small—to avoid download delays.

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