Herd health program and vaccination protocols for beef operation (Proceedings)


Herd health program and vaccination protocols for beef operation (Proceedings)

Aug 01, 2008


Complete herd health programs should be a mainstay of production animal practice; however, I find these programs are rarely revisited by the veterinarian and the producer resulting in "antigenic shift" towards unrealistic programs for which the veterinarian is still considered the source.

It is imperative to develop a realistic outline for a herd health/vaccination program and to revisit the program on a yearly basis to analyze production changes that may affect the application and outcome of the program. Many of the animal health companies have vaccination and process verified programs that producers can access via the web, but these programs must be evaluated in light of the production system to which it is to be applied—one size does not fit all! Veterinarians can utilize the programs as a basis for a herd health program and as a guideline for discussions on the coming year's herd health needs. I recommend the core beef system program to include a parenteral 5-way MLV viral and the clostridials. This should be administered to all cattle on a yearly basis after a complete calfhood vaccination program utilizing the same core vaccines. Everything else should be production system specific.

Bovine Vaccines Available

• Respiratory diseases
o IBR, BVD 1&2, BRSV, PI3
o Pasteurellas, Hemophilus
• Reproductive diseases
o IBR, BVDs, Trichomonas, Brucella, Leptospirals, Vibrio, Neospora
• GI diseases
o Rotavirus, Coronavirus, Clostridia C & D, E. coli, Salmonella
• Others
o Pinkeye (Moraxella bovis), Foot rot (Fusobacter necrophorum),
o Warts (Papillomavirus)
• Sudden death
o Clostridials

Core Vaccine requirements

The vaccines that should be given every year to all animals.
o IBR, BVD 1 & 2,BRSV,PI3
o Clostridials
o Of course–Brucella, where required!

Optional Vaccines

These vaccines can be incorporated in specific programs depending on need.
o Scours vaccines–via the Dam
o Pasteurellas—Feedlot bound
o Trichomonas—Bull testing is better
o Vibrio—Infertility problem, vaccinate pre-breeding
o Lepto—3rd trimester abortions problem, vaccinate mid-preg or preg check
o Foot rot
o Pink eye—fly control is important
o Warts—rarely indicated because the infection is self-limiting and sporadic