The how's and why's of equipment purchasing (Proceedings)


The how's and why's of equipment purchasing (Proceedings)

Aug 01, 2010

Hospital Equipment Purchasing: Choosing equipment that will work for you and your practice. Discussions will include product and installer selection, training and work flow considerations, connectivity and maintenance considerations.

Why buy equipment
     • Earn a return on the equipment
     • Practice quality medicine
     • Leverage your time and your staff
     • Improve quality of medicine
     • Replace older broken items
     • Perform new services.
     • Lower operating costs
     • Lower staffing costs
     • Improve staff efficiency

What kind of equipment to buy
     • Diagnostic
          o Tonometer: glaucoma testing
          o In-House Laboratory Equipment: hematology analyzer, serum chemistry analyzer

     • Imaging
          o Digital Radiography: decreased overhead & increased diagnostic speed
          o Digital Dental Radiography
          o Ultrasonagraphy
          o Video Otoscope

     • Monitoring
          o Multi-Function Patient Monitoring
               • BP, EKG, Pulse Oximetry

     • Computers
          o Desktops
          o Servers
          o Printers

     • Surgical
          o Surgical Laser
          o Fluid Pumps
          o Vaporizers

Who to buy it from
     • Manufacturer
          o Large and reputable vs. smaller and innovative
     • Distributor
     • Price vs Quality
     • Installation Considerations
     • Customizability
     • References

How to pay for it
     • Cash
     • Loan
     • Lease
     • Pay Per Use / Pay Per Case
     • Tax incentives

How to train staff on it
     • Vendor sponsored onsite training
     • Training protocols
     • Training manuals
     • CE

How to maintain it
     • Warranty considerations
     • Consumables considerations
     • Parts availability
     • Expandibility
     • Upgradeability
     • Recurring costs.
     • Supplies