Identify theft workshop: Learn how to protect you and your practice: Part 4 (Proceedings)

Aug 01, 2010

Mitigation Plan and Vendor Management

What is a Mitigation Plan?

Having a Mitigation plan to step in and help mitigate damages in the event of a breach is extremely important. One that works for the practice and its employees is key to protecting everyone.
           Appoint a Securities Officer
           Use Early Warning Detection
           Have a plan in place to respond to security incidents before they occur
           Utilize Restoration Services to limit the continued exposure to victims of breaches

What is Vendor Management?

Security Practices of Contractors and Service Providers
          Before outsourcing any of your business functions, investigate the company's security practices
          Address security issues for the type of data your service providers handle
          Prompt notification from your service providers is a MUST should they have any type of breach