Infectious diseases of the GI tract in dogs and cats (Proceedings)


Infectious diseases of the GI tract in dogs and cats (Proceedings)

Aug 01, 2008

• Giardia
• Coccidia
• Cryptosporidia
• Toxoplasma
• Trichomonia

Giardia lamblia
• protozoal infection
• watery, mucoid diarrhea
• may be asymptomatic
• affects young more than older
• small bowel or large bowel
• chronic diarrhea
• pet store, puppy mill, kennel or cattery situation
• Zoonosis!

• Diagnosis:
o fresh fecal direct smears
o zinc sulfate fecal flotation
o fecal ELISA test
o duodenal aspirates
o trophozoites, cysts
• Treatment
o fenbendazole (Panacur)
o metronidazole (Flagyl)
o new vaccine GiardiaVax

• Cystoisospora spp.
• young kittens and puppies
• diarrhea with mucous and blood streaks
• weakness, dehydration, cachexia
• Diagnosis:
o oocysts on direct smear or
o fecal flotation
• Treatment:
o Albon, trimethoprim/sulfa, Marquis paste (ponazuril, Bayer ®)

• Cryptosporidium parvum
• young dogs < 6 months
• cats – any age
• diarrhea, may be asymptomatic in cats
• Zoonosis

• Cat is definitive host
• Zoonotic
• many intermediate hosts (humans)
• shed infective oocytes
• transplacental transmission

• Tritrichomonas foetus/suis
• Cats
• Large bowel diarrhea ± blood/mucus
• Diagnosis: direct fecal with saline, resembles Giardia, PCR(?)