Interesting bovine medicine cases (Proceedings)


Interesting bovine medicine cases (Proceedings)

Aug 01, 2008

Case 1

• 5-year old Angus cow

• Calved 3 weeks ago

o History

• Stumbling/knuckling in both rear limbs

• Mild ataxia that had worsened

• Weight loss

• Calved unassisted

• Treated with Banamine, calcium, Nuflor

• Was febrile at referring veterinarian

• Received results of 2 CBC's and a serum chemistry also

o Physical exam

•103.5 F

• 110 bpm, 45 breaths per minute

• Mucous membranes, hydration status WNL

• Rumen contractions 3/2 minutes

• Enlarged pre-scapular, pre-femoral, submandibular lymph nodes

o Neurologic exam

• No cranial nerve deficits

• Bright, alert, responsive (visual)

• Knuckling, stumbling in both rear limbs

• Ataxic (lower motor neuron)

• Loss of conscious proprioception

• Diagnostics

• Condition deteriorated over a 48 hour period

• Became recumbent

• Tachycardia and tachypnea became worse

• Results

Case 2

o 15 month-old Angus bull presented for lethargy, anorexia and distended abdomen

o Lethargy started about 1 month, anorexia about 2 weeks and abdominal distension about 10 days prior to presentation

o Bull out on pasture with cows

o No prior history of illness

o Failed a fertility test about 2 weeks prior to presentation

o Urination and defecation not noted by owner

o Physical exam

• T = 100.5 F, P = 90, R = 40

• Mucous membranes possibly pale

• Heart is rapid, but normal in sound

• Lung sounds are increased

• Abdomen is markedly distended bilaterally and ventrally

• Negative on grunt test but does not go down with withers pinch

• Lymph nodes normal

• No sand-like crystals on prepuce

• Rectal – urinary bladder not palpable, lot's of empty "space", rumen small and collapsed, can only palpate caudal pole of kidney – beyond reach

• No stool

o Problems

• Anorexia

• Lethargy

• Abdominal distension

• Tachycardia, tachypnea, increased lung sounds

• Possible abdominal pain

• Abnormal rectal exam – no stool

o Diagnostics?

o Results

o Interpretation