Intro to sample collection, slide preparation and interpretation of cytology samples from tissue masses (Proceedings)

Aug 01, 2010

Aspiration of a Mass

1. Hold the mass firmly with one hand.

2. Insert the needle, with attached syringe, into the mass.

(** Note: For small masses a more precise collection can be

accomplished by using a needle without an attached syringe**)

3. Pull back the plunger and hold to apply and maintain slight negative pressure.

4. The needle is then redirected in the mass several times while maintaining a negative pressure in the syringe.

5. Once material appears in the hub of the needle, the plunger is released and the needle can then be removed from the mass.

6. Disconnect the needle from the syringe and pull the plunger back.

7. Re-attach the needle to the syringe and depress the plunger to expel the aspirated material onto a clean glass slide.

8. A second glass slide is gently placed over the aspirated material and the material is allowed to diffuse out to form a thin layer between the two slides.

9. The two slides are gently slid apart forming a monolayer of aspirated cells.

10. The material is then allowed to air-dry prior to staining.