Making the best of yourself and your practice: Part 1 (Proceedings)

Making the best of yourself and your practice: Part 1 (Proceedings)

Oct 01, 2008

Lessons from "The Emyth Revisted" by Michael Gerber

What prompted your practice to begin? Was it a goal to provide YOUR medicine? Was it a goal to do it your way? Somewhere in your mind was it a voice that said " Hey, I can do that"? The reality is that it takes more then being a veterinarian to be a small business owner. You need to wear three hats to be successful.You need to be an entrepreneur, a manager and a technician and if you can't do all three then you need to develop a team that can help.

Hat #1 The Entrepreneur

  • The Dreamer and the visionary
  • The Leadership of the practice
  • Provide the road map
  • DEFINE the medicine and practice what you preach

Hat #2 The Manager
  • The details, the order and the structure
  • Breaks down the vision
  • Maintains the consistency
  • Makes sure the right people are in the right place
  • Understand financials and how the business is doing

Hat #3 The Technician

  • The doer, the tinkerer, the worker
  • Does everything that needs to be done
  • Does the "work" of the business
  • Set standards and protocols
You need to " Work on your business, not [just] in it".