Making your marketing work for your practice: part 2 (Proceedings)


Making your marketing work for your practice: part 2 (Proceedings)

Nov 01, 2009

Planning your ad

One message

Sometimes we try to "pack" so much in that we make the message fuzzy. Stick to one idea/one thought. Know what you want and create a message that says that.

Identify fully

Make sure your FULL name, phone number and website are clearly visible

Consistent graphics

Whether it is fontstyle, coloring or other make sure that it is repeated- that is why logos can be so powerful.

Easy copy

State your message immediately. Make sure you balance copy with white space. Read your message aloud- it is easy to remember and repeat? Does your message get across?

Focus on benefits

Remember the client is the consumer- speak to them using words that tell them how they will benefit. It's all about THEM and their perceived reality!

Measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts

Ask your clients

This simple question is rarely asked but can yield results- this can be done at the end of every appointment or simply put a sign by the front desk. All you need to do is "track" the responses.

Direct response

If a call to action is included you can measure the response- whether it is scheduling appointments or calling for more information.

Better compliance

Basically are things now an easier "sell"... do clients not ask as many questions or more importantly ask for a service outright.

Individual ROI for effort

This is especially important as you need to know if the $'s you spent are paying off- remember for some marketing which is essential "image building"- this is hard to quantify. The best way is to compare based on when the marketing was done to weeks where it didn't occur. So for example- let's say that you sent out a quarterly newsletter- you should compare sales or calls for the week or two after the newsletter to sales/calls from the previous quarter or year. Remember these changes aren't necessarily dramatic- it might only be a small % difference. Then "test" the theory. Image building marketing- keeps you TOP of mind.


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