New creative and innovative marketing initiatives (Proceedings)


New creative and innovative marketing initiatives (Proceedings)

Aug 01, 2010

Promoting Your Practice: Identifying your customers and reaching out to them. Discussions will include websites and print media, articles and advertorials, participation in public and collaborative events.

What is Marketing?
     • Marketing versus Advertising
     • Why market your practice
     • Who are your customers?
     • Where are they located
     • What are their demographics?
     • What kind of pets do they have?
     • How do you find out?
     • Existing Clients versus New Clients

What are they looking for in veterinary services?
     • High quality?
     • High technology?
     • High touch?
     • Great customer service?
     • Low price?
     • Just the minimum?

What do you tell them?
     • Why should they become your client?
     • Why should they remain your client?
     • How do you fulfill the client's and pet's veterinary needs?

How do you reach them?
     • Which media do they actively consume
     • Which media do they passively consume

What tools do you have at your disposal and what are their pros and cons?
Printed Media
     • Brochures
           o Tri-Folds
           o Packets
     • Puppy and Kitten Kits
     • Personal Letters
     • Newspaper Advertising
     • Magazine Advertising
     • Interviews
     • Advertorials

Radio Advertising
Text Messaging
     • Online Media
     • Websites
     • E-mail
     • Online stores
     • Social Media
     • Facebook
     • Twitter
     • Search Engines

Public and Collaborative Events
     • Open Houses
     • Free Seminars
     • Public Trade Shows
     • Rabies Clinics
     • Microchipping Clinics
     • School and club educational visits
     • Charitable events
     • Shelter work.

     • Signage
     • Reminder Systems
     • Caller On Hold Adverting
     • In-clinic Marketing

Clinic Tours
     • Public
     • Clients
     • Clubs
     • Scouts

Client Education