Novartis investing in veterinary parasitology

Novartis investing in veterinary parasitology

Jan 15, 2009
By staff
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According to a company release, Novartis Animal Health (NAH) has announced a donation of $225,000 to the Oklahoma State University Foundation, becoming the first industry partner of the National Center for Veterinary Parasitology (NCVP).

The partnership will help NCVP accomplish its mission by expanding the developments made in controlling parasitic diseases of animals, namely through integrated programs of applied graduate and residency training, targeted research initiatives, and a diagnostic and consulting service that serves the veterinary profession worldwide.

“Novartis shares the OSU vision for the center and will be an active sponsor in support of its mission,” said Fabian Kausche, DVM, global head of research and development at NAH in a company release. “We look forward to improving the way we serve the veterinary profession through our involvement in the NCVP.

The OSU NCVP will be a national resource for diagnostic testing and will help fill a great need for clinically oriented veterinary parasitologists who can meet current and future demands of the industry.

As a founding partner in the NCVP, Novartis will offer the program financial support, help guide and develop the center as a member of its advisory board and interact with graduate students- and residents-in-training. Novartis’s $225,000 commitment will help make the center operational, providing support for laboratory renovations and related start-up costs. Renovations for the center are scheduled to begin in 2009 with graduate studies starting in 2010.