Owning the exam room (Proceedings)

Owning the exam room (Proceedings)

Apr 01, 2008

Step One: Know yourself

Meyers Briggs Personality test
Cloud's seven personality types

  • Dr. Wonderful
  • The Primal Donna
  • The Investigator
  • One gear
  • Short Fuse
  • The Jailer
  • The Wrestler

Step Two: Review the history of "communicating the exam room"

Ross Clark exam room protocol
Hills Arthur Anderson "Ideal client survey"
Ross Clark Ten-Step Protocol
1. Present yourself as a medical professional
2. Touch and talk to the client and the pet
3. Do something medical
4. Be an active listener
5. Say something
6. Show and tell
7. Give something
8. Compliment clients about their pets
9. Give clients best options first
10.Close with have I answered all of your questions

Hills "Ideal Client Survey" conducted by Arthur Anderson
1. Answer my questions
2. Articulate likely outcomes
3. Explain all of the available alternatives
4. Articulate the diagnosis
5. Explain what will be done or what has been done to my pet.
6. Perform unhurried exams
7. Calm the pet
8. Is friendly and courteous
9. Demonstrated bedside manner
10. Demonstrates concern for me and my pet

Step Three: Give the client a plan for prevention

Exam report card that summarizes today's findings and what needs to happen next

Prioritize follow-up treatments plans

  • Next vaccinations
  • Next dental cleaning
  • Next heartworm test
  • Next blood screen
  • Rechecks

Write down for the client?

  • Your rule/outs.
  • Where to find information-your website.
  • Aftercare instruction
  • Who and when to call?