Partners in Wellness (Sponsored by PurinaCare Pet Health Insurance)


Partners in Wellness (Sponsored by PurinaCare Pet Health Insurance)

Jul 01, 2012
By staff

Create your own wellness plan with Partners in Wellness

Follow these steps to create and launch your own customized preventive care plan to match your standards of care and practice philosophy.

By Dr. David Goodnight

Dr. David Goodnight
There's no one-size-fits-all wellness plan that works for all practices. That's why Partners in Wellness offers you the control to create the program that matches your practice philosophy—without the administrative hassles of launching the program by yourself. In a few easy steps, this web-based portal helps you design the plan that interfaces with your practice management software to lock in the care your patients need.

Remember, Partners in Wellness is your program to offer to your clients. Your clinic gets the credit—and the revenue—and Partners in Wellness handles the administrative work, from billing, payments, and deposits to comprehensive tools, promotional materials, and information management. This leaves you free to focus on the work you love—caring for patients and providing top-notch preventive care.

Stress-free plans

When you launch your wellness program through Partners in Wellness, you, as the practitioner, completely control and customize your plan and pricing. Launching your own plan is easy. The online program setup is simple and paperless, and you'll find three suggested starter plans to help you get started. You choose the plan type—basic, complete, or special health—the species, and the life stage. Then you select the annual wellness services you want to include in the plan, the discounts, if any, you want to include, and the monthly fee you want to charge. Intuitive software will quickly guide you through these key steps.

This wellness program is designed to encourage regular visits, allowing clients to keep their pets healthy in a financially predictable way. Please remember that this is a wellness program, not insurance.

Systems that work for you

The Partners in Wellness program values the practitioner's and client's privacy. Partners in Wellness automatically bills your clients and deposits the funds directly into your account once a month. You avoid the security risk of storing billing information. It also allows clients to pay healthcare costs over time, eliminates sticker shock, and relieves your team of the administrative hassles of managing a wellness plan.

The secure, multi-step registration uses the same kind of process you use to set up online banking and other web-based financial services. Your payment comes the fifth day of the month by electronic funds transfer (EFT) or paper check. Remember, you decide which preventive care services to include and set the fees. Partners in Wellness charges a 9% software license and administration fee. There is no additional fee to the practice. Every new client pays a one-time $50 enrollment fee, and Partners in Wellness will even send the practice half of that amount—$25.

Desktop interface software makes it easy to track and manage services delivered in the clinic. Partners in Wellness currently interfaces with AVImark, Cornerstone, Impromed, V-Tech, VIA, DVM Manager, Intravet, and Vet Tech Advantage information management systems. To install the software, simply choose the self-installation option, or the Partners in Wellness technical support team will install the software remotely.

If you build it, they will come

Free marketing materials, including brochures, counter mats, posters, and door hangers, help create awareness and educate clients about your plans. Your program is branded to your practice and contains no outside branding.

The online enrollment process is simple, and you and your clients enjoy secure Internet portal access. To sign up, clients follow a one-time registration process using the Partners in Wellness portal. Clients can enroll by clicking on one of the supplied web ads from your hospital website or during a practice visit on a computer that you've designated for client registration purposes. Once enrolled, clients receive email confirmation and a membership card.

Ready to get started? Visit And remember, when you see pets more times every year, it turns into better care—better disease detection, better preventive medicine, and more medicine for the pets that really need it. With the help of Partners in Wellness, you can offer pet owners the chance to provide the best preventive care for their pets throughout the year in a financially predictable way.

David B. Goodnight, DVM, MBA, is the president and chief operating officer of PurinaCare Pet Health Insurance Services Inc. and Nestlé Purina Claims Services Inc., both companies wholly owned by Nestlé Purina PetCare Company. PurinaCare manages the entire Partners in Wellness program.

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