Photo gallery: Working pets (part 1)

Photo gallery: Working pets (part 1)

Feb 19, 2010
By staff

Some pets have special roles—whether helping people with disabilities get around in the world a little better, using their noses to sniff out danger, or lending a comforting paw to those who need a dose of TLC. Here's an introduction to six extraordinary helpers. We featured these animals in this year's Calendar of Meetings and Events as a tribute to working animals everywhere.

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Zacharias, the therapist to young and old

As a therapy dog, Zacharias visits schools, hospitals, and senior centers. His calm and docile manner extends to everyone, from small children who delight in riding around on him to big people who love to pet him. Just one of his success stories: A senior woman with late-stage Alzheimer's disease perked up when she met Zacharias, bringing tears to her adult son's eyes.

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