Physician heal thyself–leadership in practice (Proceedings)


Physician heal thyself–leadership in practice (Proceedings)

Who should come to this session?

     • Managers
     • Owners
     • Senior vets/nurses/technicians with direct reports
     • All staff who want to learn about leading teams.

Part 1: Leadership defined

     • What is leadership?
     • Differences between leadership and management.
     • Are leaders born or created?
     • Can you learn to be a better leader?
     • Examples and discussion of great leaders.

Part 2 – Leadership styles

There are many different types of leaders and different styles a re required for different people and situations. The idea of a one size fits all is outdated. A good leader must have the ability to recognize what style of leadership best suits the situations that occur in day to ay practice. Learning this skill will enhance your effectiveness and value as a team leader.

Part 3 – Creating vision

Effective leaders succeed by creating and articulating a clear vision and inspiring others to follow. This session will help you to focus on what your vision is by reflecting on other leaders vision and then applying this to vet practice. If the leader is the captain of a ship, then the vision could be similar to the rudder. Without it the ship will drift on the prevailing winds and currents. A business without clear vision will drift at the mercy of the prevailing market conditions.

Part 4 – Bringing leadership to life

Dr Nicol will apply the theory and learning from other organisations back to veterinary practice and weave in some of his own experiences.

By the end of this session, delegates will have a clear idea what leadership is, how they can enhance their effectiveness as a leader. They will also be able to create and articulate their vision to the practice team.

"God grant me the serenity to accept that which I cannot change..
The courage to change that which I can...
And the wisdom to know one from the other."

Final destination

Owners and managers will understand the importance of a leader's vision and learn new skills that will help to develop their leadership abilities.