Power hour: muscle up and achieve more with stronger personal leadership (Proceedings)


Power hour: muscle up and achieve more with stronger personal leadership (Proceedings)

Aug 01, 2011

An OB Model for Studying Individual Differences


     • Seeing is believing.
     • I wouldn't have seen it if I hadn't believed it.


Self-efficacy: "A person's belief about his or her chances of successfully accomplishing a specific task."

A model of self-efficacy

Sources of self-efficacy beliefs:

     • Prior experience
     • Behavior models
     • Persuasion from others

Assessment of physical/emotional state

Locus of control

     • Internal locus of control: belief that one controls key events and consequences in one's life.
     • External locus of control: one's life outcomes attributed to environmental factors such as luck or fate.
     • For class discussion: what sort of locus of control "balance" do today's managers need to seek to be successful without experiencing excessive stress?

7 major mental abilities

     • Verbal comprehension: meaning of words and reading comprehension.
     • Word fluency: ability to produce isolated words to meet specific requirements.
     • Numerical: arithmetic computation.
     • Spatial: perceive spatial patterns, visualize geometric shapes.
     • Memory: good rote memory of words, symbols and lists.
     • Perceptual speed: perception of similarities and differences in figures.
     • Inductive reasoning: reasoning from specifics to general conclusion.

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