Principles to empower yourself professionally and personally (Part 2) (Proceedings)


Principles to empower yourself professionally and personally (Part 2) (Proceedings)

Apr 01, 2010

For an understanding of the bioenergetic field, please refer to The Science of Energy Medicine and Part I of this lecture series.


Nikola Tesla was a brilliant inventor who studied wave theory. Along with many other contributions to science, he invented alternating current, the radio, motors that power appliances and ignition switches, and the Tesla coil, which creates a magnetic field. His theories allowed the discovery of MRI, which is based on magnetic field technology.

Tesla was also an eccentric genius. One of the most well known stories about him involved his theory of magnetic resonance. He believed that if an oscillating device producing a vibration equal to the inherent vibration of a structure was placed on that structure, it would ultimately cause its demise. In time, the oscillations would weaken the support system until it crumbled. We have seen this with bridges that have collapsed -- the most recent being in Minneapolis. Each time an oscillation occurs, it increases energy. Think of a child on a swing – each time she receives a gentle push; she goes higher than the time before. This theory is called Magnetic Resonance.

Tesla decided to test his theory, and there are differing versions of the way in which it happened. The bottom line is that he placed an oscillating device on a support beam for a building, and within hours, the police showed up. Tenants had called to report an earthquake.

I grew up hearing all manner of Tesla chronicles, because he was a cousin of my father's. So it was only natural that I continued to read about him as my interest in wave theory and energy medicine developed. One day as I was thinking (and lamenting) about a pattern in my life that had surfaced once again, I thought about Tesla's theory of magnetic resonance. What if that could be applied to the human biofield, not just the energy of a structure? The repeating pattern would explain why events and situations keep recurring in our lives, and often we never see them coming. They are simply life experiences and emotions with the repeat button engaged. Our energy field is sending out oscillating vibrations that are creating our reality over and over again. It is the law of attraction without our conscious knowledge of it.


If we pair magnetic resonance with polarity theory, we have the basis for energetic, empowered living. Our own energy fields have their instinctive vibrations, one that creates health and happiness, and the opposite of that vibration. Where there are peaks, there must be valleys. In other words, every situation or vibration has a positive and negative aspect – much like the positive and negative pole on batteries. What we haven't realized until recently, however, is that we are in control of that battery. We can choose what type of energy we want to exist in. We can do this, because we create our own reality. The creation of our own lives is based in quantum physics and the physics of consciousness. Many experiments have shown that the act of focus on something changes it. These are based in Einstein's theory of relativity – reality is different depending on your perspective.

So what does this mean for us? We can use basic concepts of energy theory to enhance our professional and personal lives. We don't have to be victims of circumstance, and we don't have to work in a practice environment that is full of stress and drama. Here are some basic tools for beginning your journey to energetic living/empowerment.


One of the most important aspects of energy is controlling it by choosing. As a neurologist, I understand that nothing happens until the voluntary motor cortex of the brain picks up the intention (choice) of the human or animal, and sends impulses to the rest of the appropriate areas of the brain. Those impulses are then transferred to the spinal cord, nerves, and muscles, and movement happens. But it all starts with the intention of doing so.

We can start by choosing to live an energetic life, one that is in alignment (of equal vibration) to our highest potential. It is that simple. Nothing can change in our lives unless we decide it can. We can stay reactive beings – acting according to whatever positive or negative situations come our way – or we can choose differently. Will negative situations still show up? Of course they will. But each situation offers you a choice. You can be judgmental, a victim, or say woe is me and strengthen the negative aspects of your life by adding to the oscillations -- just as Tesla's magnetic resonance theory describes. Or, you can choose to learn from the situation, ask why you created it, and intend on a positive outcome.