Looking for your next job in veterinary medicine? (Sponsored by Veterinary Pet Insurance)

Looking for your next job in veterinary medicine? (Sponsored by Veterinary Pet Insurance)

If you’re looking for the next step in your veterinary career, the job of pet insurance coordinator might be the right career path for you. Consider this sample job description to learn more about this emerging position in practice.
Nov 07, 2014
By dvm360.com staff
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In addition to the regular responsibilities as an employee of ABC Animal Hospital, the pet insurance coordinator will be responsible for coordinating a program to select a few pet insurance programs the practice will recommend to clients. The pet insurance coordinator will work with pet insurance companies to stay updated on policies, including the process for pet owners to submit claims. In addition, the coordinator will provide regular education for team members during team meetings to ensure all team members know which pet insurance companies the practice recommends and why these companies were selected as well as their role in discussing pet insurance with pet owners.

On a daily basis, the pet insurance coordinator will be available to answer pet owners' specific pet insurance questions and refer them to representatives for the pet insurance company when appropriate. The coordinator may also be responsible for managing the pet insurance claims as they are routed to the doctor as well as helping the client submit the claim to the pet insurance company.

The pet insurance coordinator will take a leadership role in maintaining pet insurance practice protocols as well as planning a marketing strategy for the hospital. He or she may also implement the marketing strategy, which may include posts in social media, articles on the practice's website or blog and in its e-newsletter, and visual marketing throughout the practice, including educational bulletin boards, tabletop displays, and handouts.

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