Semen collection and shipment (Proceedings)


Semen collection and shipment (Proceedings)

Nov 01, 2009

  • Factors affecting sperm quality

     o Temperature
     o Light
     o Water
     o Blood
     o Urine
     o Rubber on syringe plunger
     o Detergent
     o Debris
     o Stuff

  • Semen is ejaculated in 3 fractions

     o First fraction-pre-sperm (prostate)-clear and acellular
     o Sperm rich fraction (tail of epididymis)-opalescent in color
     o Prostatic fraction-large volume of clear fluid in a normal dog

  • Raw semen

     o Needs to be used quickly for artificial insemination
     o Raw semen more sensitive to light and temperature than extended semen
     o Keep it warm
     o If used for several females need to determine if insemination volume will be adequate

  • Extended semen

     o Extenders
          • Prolong the viability and fertilizing capability
          • Protect against cold shock
     o Antibiotics
          • Inhibit bacterial growth
     o Allows maximum utilization of the ejaculate by increasing volume without reducing sperm viability
     o Have the proper osmotic pressure and balance of ingredients
     o Contains buffers, energy source, antibiotics and cryoprotectant
     o When handling extended semen, take some care as with raw semen
     o Types of extender
          • Milk base
          • Egg yolk base
     o Preparation of extenders does not require expensive equipment and extenders can be stored in frozen aliquots (commercial extenders better!!!)
     o Has to be warm before added to sperm
     o Volume added to the ejaculate will depend upon volume of the ejaculate and sperm concentration
     o Dilutions are at least 1:1 (one part semen to one part extender)
     o Extended semen should be used within hours if kept at room temperature
     o Extended semen may be cooled or frozen for transport or storage

  • Cooled semen

     o For transport of short-term storage
     o Lowering the temperature reduces metabolic activity of the sperm
     o Extended semen is cooled at a slow rate of 5-10°C
     o Cooled semen good for 24 hours (?)
     o Avoid temperature changes once semen is cooled
     o Semen has to be used within 24 hours
     o Cooled semen may or may not need to be at body temperature prior to insemination (ex. Mares inseminated with semen still cold, dogs inseminated with semen at 35°C)