Student Representatives


Student Representatives

Jul 16, 2007
By staff

For special offers from Advanstar Veterinary Healthcare
Communications, contact your student representative.

Auburn University: Destinee Bearden

University of California-Davis: Michelle Lam

Colorado State University: Whitney Miller

Cornell University: Nicholas Wolfer

University of Florida: Joshua Bub

University of Georgia: Kelly McCarty

University of Illinois: Chantal Tu

Iowa State University: Jamie DeRoin

Kansas State University: Charissa Wood

Louisiana State University: Trisha Young

Michigan State University: Nathan Booth

University of Minnesota: Amber Krahmer

Mississippi State University: Megan Caulfield

University of Missouri: Kerrie Farrar

North Carolina State University: Emily Townsend

The Ohio State University: Sarah Stalnaker

Oklahoma State University: Colleen Nicklin

Oregon State University: Roberta Porter

University of Pennsylvania: Bill Gilsenan

Purdue University: Carrie Eichenberger

University of Tennessee:

Texas A&M University: Heather Vargo

Tufts University: Shanna Minior

Tuskegee University: DaShaunte Coleman

VA-MA Regional College of Veterinary Medicine: Meredith Harry

Washington State University: Alexis Campbell

Western University: Sarah Vineyard

University of Wisconsin-Madison: Michele Estheimer

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