Technical team member recruitment and retention (Proceedings)


Technical team member recruitment and retention (Proceedings)

Aug 01, 2010

Technical Team Members: How to find them, and how to keep them. Discussions will include position advertising, candidate interviewing, candidate selection, employee training, and position constructions.

Which positions to recruit for?
     • Associate Veterinarians
     • Practice Managers
     • Credentialed Technicians
     • Veterinary Assistants
     • Kennel Assistants
     • Reception Staff
     • Groomers

Recruiting tools and methods.
     • Online Advertising
           o Career Builder
           o Monster
           o Veterinary Specific Job Sites
           o Indeed
           o Clinic's Own Website
     • Printed Media
           o Newspapers
           o Veterinary Publications
     • Word Of Mouth
           o Existing Staff
           o Clinic Reputation
     • Educational Institutions
           o Veterinary School Job Boards
           o Technician School Job Boards
           o Technician School Externships
     • Clinic based
           o Volunteer of Exposure And Experience Programs
           o Externships
           o Educate and Develop Your Own Staff
           o Clinic based training programs
           o Technician School Assistance
               ■ Very Flexible Scheduling – School First
               ■ Increased Compensation With Educational Progress

Candidate Interviewing and Selection
     • Standardized interview forms and questions
     • Working interviews
     • Knowledge, Skills and abilities assessment.
     • Information Verification
     • Reference checking
     • Background checking
     • Cultural fit

Compensation and Benefits
     • Clinic Pay scales
           o Competitive Wages
           o Competitive Benefits
           o Who is your competition for employee talent?
     • ProSal for Veterinarians
     • Flexible Scheduling
     • Work-Life Balance
     • Continuing Education
           o Vendor Provided
           o Staff Provided
           o Outside Seminars
           o School Based