Ten practice management tips you can take home and start (Proceedings)

Ten practice management tips you can take home and start (Proceedings)

Apr 01, 2008

Practice Tip Ten: What have the referral centers taught us?

Practice Tip Nine: Seven steps to a recheck

Seven steps of Recheck- a client does not leave without an appointment

1. Educate the client

2. Establish a convenient day of the week

3. Choose a specific date-appointment books set up 6-12 months in advance

4.Always make an appointment

5. Mail your first reminder card

6. Mail your second reminder card

7. Make a reminder phone call

Practice Tip Seven: Have a daily blueprint

Practice Tip Six: Develop one protocol a day

Standards of Care protocols

  • Written medical protocols (First Choice Medical Protocols by Drs. Hoskins and Whitford)
  • Five Minute Consultant
  • Handbook of Small Animal Medicine-Morgan
  • Common Small Animal Diagnoses: An Algorithmic Approach-Charlotte Davies
  • Text book of veterinary internal medicine-Ettinger

Practice Tip Five: Write two personal notes a day, make one more phone call

Practice Tip Four: Establish a Coaching meeting

  • Schedule time to meet with each doctor.
  • Discuss their career goals, ambitions, and desires
  • Look for your opportunity to obtain "nagging rights" you must willingly, knowingly, voluntarily, give someone else "nagging rights" to keep us honest on our goals we set for ourselves
  • Have them evaluate themselves

Practice Tip Three: Improve inventory management

Pricing dispensing, what is Walgreens charging?

Practice Tip Two: Have a treatment room quarterback

The purpose of this position is to make sure the hospitalized case receives indicated examinations and treatments, that all charges and discharge instructions are posted, and to communicate with the front desk, the doctors, and the clients the status of each patient. This is an overview of the position and is not limited to the major duties