Understanding the marketing of veterinary products and services (Proceedings)


Understanding the marketing of veterinary products and services (Proceedings)

Aug 01, 2010

I. Marketing – What Does This Term Mean?
II. How Does Marketing Differ From Advertising?
a) Products
b) Services
III. Internal Versus External Marketing
a) Point Of Purchase Display
1. In Order For Products To Be Effectively Marketed, They Must Be:
      a) Individually priced
      b) Able to be seen, touched and inspected
      c) Properly displayed
      d) Staff must be educated on their proper usage
      e) Aesthetically appealing and professional in nature
      f) Foil sticker attached to all products
2. Marketing Of Routine Over-The-Counter Products
      a) Flea and tick control products
      b) Vitamins
      c) Shampoos
3. Marketing Of Prescription Diets
4. Marketing Of Quality Non-Prescription Diets
      a) Hill's Science Diet
      b) Iam's Pet Foods
      c) Nature's Choice
      d) Others
5. Marketing Through Education
      a) Educational film strips
      b) Client handouts
      c) Practice name should be affixed to all handouts
      d) Pet bandannas
      e) Photo mural
6. The Role Veterinary Supplies Play In Marketing
      a) Hill's
      b) Pet Dental Month
      c) Geriatric target marketing
7. Marketing Of Pet Supplies
      a) Is it a matter of professionalism?
      b) A natural extension of the services we offer
      c) Captured audience
      d) Profitability factor
      e) Quality and cost of items sold
      f) Use of "slat" wall
b) Incorporating A "Full Service" Approach From A Medical Point Of View
1. Pre-Exam Check List
      a) Canine
      b) Feline
      c) Exotic
      d) Large Animal
2. In-Hospital Tracking Form
3. New Client Kits
4. Boarding Service
     • Cat condos
     • Value added boarding services
           o TLC boarding program
5. Grooming Service
6. Obedience Training
7. Senior Citizen Discounts
8. Preferred Client Discounts
      a) Frequent Flyer Program
c) What Is The Net Effect Of Implementing A "Full Service" Approach?
      1. Meeting Your Clients' Needs
      2. Providing Quality Service And Supplies
      3. A Stable Client Base
      4. Healthier Patients
      5. Better Utilization Of Your Practice's Physical Plant
      6. Greater Profitability
      7. Increase Net Profit Of Your Practice
IV. External Marketing

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