Uveal disease: what can go wrong with the uvea in dogs and cats? (Proceedings)


Uveal disease: what can go wrong with the uvea in dogs and cats? (Proceedings)

Aug 01, 2011
By dvm360.com staff

Diseases of the Uvea

     • Developmental
     • Degenerative
     • Infectious
     • Immune –mediated
     • Idiopathic
     • Inflammatory
     • Metabolic/ Nutritional
     • Toxic
     • Traumatic
     • Neoplastic

Developmental diseases

     • Incomplete Development
     • Maldevelopment
     • Incomplete regression of embryonal tissues

Color variants

     • Subalbinism
          o Dilution not absence of pigment
          o Blue eyes- lack pigment in stroma but overlies pigmented neuroectoderm
          o True Albino- pink or red iris due to complete lack of pigment
     • Heterochromia Iridis
          o Multiple colors within one iris or between eyes
          o Component of merling gene
          o Can accompany other iridal abnormalities

Persistent pupillary membranes

     • Pupillary membranes should atrophy by 6 weeks of age
     • PPMs arise from the collarette region of the iris
     • Iris-to-iris, iris-to-cornea, iris-to-lens
     • Basenji: heritable PPMs
     • Corgi, Chow, Mastiff: familial PPMs

Aplasia/ hypoplasia

     • Aniridia: total absence of iris tissue
     • Iris Hypoplasia
          o Notch Coloboma: affects the pupil margin
          o Pseudopolycoria: one or more holes in iris body
          o Iridodiastasis: defect in iris base

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