"What Would Disney Do?" 4½ Lessons in Leadership

"What Would Disney Do?" 4½ Lessons in Leadership

Aug 01, 2007

If Disney Ran Your Hospital: 9½ Things You Would Do Differently by Fred Lee
Cultural Insights From a Hospital Executive Who Became a Disney Cast Member
It's About Culture, Not Service...Culture is what you think and do without thinking about it...
Client/Patient-focused care - - think about the acronym "SHARE":
Sense people's needs before they ask (initiative)
Help each other out (teamwork)
Acknowledge people's feelings (empathy)
Respect the dignity and privacy of everyone (courtesy)
Explain what's happening (communication)

Look to the AAHA Compliance Study to understand what people (pet owners) want. Move your practice toward having/doing what pet owners want. Stop defending "our way or no way".

If Disney Ran Your Hospital, You Would:

1. Redefine Your Competition and Focus on What Can't Be Measured (values, perceptions...)
Our competition is anyone our clients compare us to...We need to manage perceptions...
Recent studies consistently report that 75 - 80% of pet owners think of their pets as children.
This Means Job Security!!! Our moral imperative is to advocate on behalf of a being that cannot advocate for itself.
It's About Culture...
If you don't know where you're going, you'll probably end up somewhere else.

Decide what is important:

  • What are the core values of the practice?
  • What are the core team values?
  • What mutual values are shared by the team?
  • Values create culture as they are always on display

Decide where the practice is going:

  • First define values, then define vision
  • Without a vision there can be no focus...

Decide what the practice stands for:

  • Your vision is in your head...Your vision statement is on paper...Any vision is intangible and must be translated into an emotional message...Inspire your people to be believers! The team walks in the shadow of the leader. Your team will mirror and then adopt your commitments as they see you living them.
  • Each of us is the "CEO of me". Every leader is telling a story about what he or she values. What is the title of YOUR story?
  • Performance Excellence - - Ask the following questions: What is our vision? What are our values? What are our goals? What is our behavior?
  • Then ask these next questions: Do we do the wrong things wrong? Do we do the wrong things right? Do we do the right things wrong? Do we do the right things right?
  • A client's perception is his or her reality... You never get a second chance to make a first impression... Outcomes are delivered by teams, but impressions are delivered by individuals.
  • Erma Bombeck said, "Never go to a physician whose office plants have died."