When clients say no: shoring up doctor and team member morale (Proceedings)


When clients say no: shoring up doctor and team member morale (Proceedings)

May 01, 2011

Regardless of your position in the veterinary hospital, in this day and age you encounter resistance from clients in some way, shape or form almost every day (if not every hour). As a practice manager or owner veterinarian you may not feel that as directly as your veterinary technicians, receptionists or associate doctors do on a daily basis, however. Unfortunately, the toll that this resistance can take on any of your team members can be very hard...especially when they are trying to do their jobs of being an advocate for the pet and offering the best patient care. Before they know it, the wind is taken out of their sails when their attempts at offering the best medicine are met with a response of "no," or "we have financial constraints," or "we can't afford it," or the dreaded "if you really cared, you'd cut us a break or fix him for free" etc. If this is not demoralizing for anyone, I sure don't know what is!

During this presentation we will discuss how you, the practice manager or owner, can help shore up the morale of your team when they are being barraged with these responses. In order to do this, we will review how to keep their skills sharp even when they may not be allowed to provide the best medicine, how to increase compliance from the pet owners, learn some communication skills to take back to the team to help with the tough money conversations, learn how to notice when team is feeling demoralized, learn what can be done to support them, and, most importantly, share ways that we all handle this in our own practices. We are all in this together!

In this hour, we will work collaboratively and answer the six questions below so that all of us will leave with fresh ideas that we can take home and start using tomorrow. And, we will all leave this presentation feeling passionate about what we do and knowing that we can still make a difference in the lives of the pets that we care about and the team members that we work with every day!